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NASAA President's Message 2017

Greetings NASAA Colleagues!
It has been a very busy seven weeks since we were last together in Providence, Rhode Island at our annual Business and Training Meeting!  We have seen President Trump sign the Harry Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017 or the “Forever GI Bill®” as it has come to be known on the last day of our meeting.  What a wonderful opportunity NASAA had to meet with U.S. Senator Jack Reed (Rhode Island) and congratulate him and his staff on for his assistance in the passing of this momentous legislation. 
The “Forever GI Bill®” will make it easier for veterans, their dependents and survivors to pursue education and training programs that will lead to a better quality of life.  This bill represents a new era in the education and training of eligible persons with its many impactful provisions, not to mention the elimination of the delimiting date for those service members discharged on or after January 1, 2013.  We look forward to working with our VA and School Partners in the implementation of this new law.
There have been, and continue to be challenges within our NASAA family since we last met.  Hurricanes and the aftermath affecting many states have interrupted work, displaced staff, family members and affected schools and training facilities in numerous ways.  As you know, Puerto Rico has only minimal power with many basic services still not available.  We wish for a most speedy recovery to normalcy for our Puerto Rico SAA members and their families.  It may be a long, steep road - but they are up for the challenge.  Our SAA members in Nevada have faced a different challenge, with worry for safety and well-being of loved ones (thank goodness all are safe).  You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
As we begin the 2018 Fiscal Year, I would like to encourage all NASAA members to become active in our Association.  As you all know, our strength lies within our members.  Join a committee, attend meetings, volunteer for a project.  We all bring different strengths to our work and this is the power of NASAA – learning from each other’s experience, expertise, and different viewpoints in how we can best serve veterans, service members and their families in their educational/training journeys.
2018 will undoubtedly be another busy year.  As VA embraces technology, so must we in learning new ways to conduct our work.  I have just begun learn E FORCE myself, but I am excited for the process improvement it represents and hope it will make our work more efficient and timely.  I look forward to future process improvements in our daily work.
As the daughter and spouse of Air Force Veterans and the aunt of a currently serving Air Force Major, my heart is always with the veterans, service members and their families that we serve.  I thank them for their service and sacrifice and remember that what we do affects so many other lives in such a positive way.  It is a privilege to serve them and to serve NASAA.
Laura J. Bach