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National Association of State Approving Agencies
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NASAA Legislative Committee Membership:

The Legislative Committee shall consist of the Legislative Director, who shall serve as Chair; a Vice Chair appointed by the President; a representative from each region of the Association, selected by the Legislative Director and appointed by the President. Responsibilities

Committee Responsibilities:

1. Develop, maintain, publish, and manage the Legislative Agenda for the Association; seek review with the Executive Board and direct approval from the Association NOTE: The Legislative Agenda for the Association replaces the section of the Bylaws called Resolutions. The Legislative Agenda is presented to the Association for review and discussion at regional and national meetings; is NASAA Constitution and Bylaws Page 22 of 30 submitted for Association approval during the Annual Business and Training Meeting.

2. Secure, evaluate, and prepare recommendations on all proposed legislation pertinent to veterans’ education and submit them to the President for action.

3. Maintain liaison with appropriate Committees and Subcommittees of the Congress of the United States and their staffs.

4. Maintain regular contact with members of the Association whose states have legislators on the Veterans Affairs Committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

5. Arrange for testimony at appropriate congressional committee and subcommittee hearings.

6. Involve all members of the Association in communication with their legislators on matters of vital concern to the Association.

7. Draft proposed legislation pertinent to State Approving Agency roles and responsibilities and submit to the President for action